Crush Any Bad Habits Using These Proven Super Crazy Easy Ways

A man crushing cigarettes in determination to quit smoking
Quit Smoking (by



Strained Relationship

Get to know why you have that bad habit

A number of triggers, panic, distress, fear, anxiety, nervous, anger, trauma
Know Your Triggers (by blackeaglerising)

Cut Off All Triggers

What makes you smoke?

Buddy Up or Get a Mentor

A man running up the ascent and celebrates after achieving his goals
Imagine yourself winning! (

Envision your success


Have a Strong Reason or “Why”

Commit Yourself Wholly

Perfect Your New Good Habits Daily

Enjoy the process

A milestone supported by a pile of stones
Divide it into achievable milestones (

Break It Down for Easier Wins

Forgive yourself when you relapse
Forgive yourself when you relapse (

Allowance for Relapse

Passionate about writing…

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Simon Kim

Simon Kim

Passionate about writing…

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