SEO Writing For Organic Traffic

Great Content Never Fails!

SEO writing is a unique way of online writing with the core goal of ranking websites with search engines like Google. This means that websites with great contents will appear in first pages of Search Engine Result.

SEO writing contains keywords and key phrases that people are searching for on the internet. It helps with ranking of websites and drives organic traffic to these websites.

Quality in SEO Writing comes first before keywords and key phrases. The content must be helpful to the reader. It must be informative. Easy to read.

Wherever keywords and phrases are used, they should appear naturally. Not stuffed. They should not affect the natural flow of information. The content should read well. Keyword usage should not lose conversation goal of the content.

Why is Content Writing Important for SEO?

1. SEO Looks For Calculated Use Of Keywords And Phrases

Strategic use is important. You need to use it in the title of your web page or blog post.

Content that is strategic and uses right keywords or alternative phrases is more successful.

It becomes very hard to rank well where the content does not use keywords naturally in a strategic way.

2. Correct Keywords To Your Target Audience

When you have Specific Keywords, it makes it easier to connect with your target audience. Emails for example should be under list segments. Ads should target a certain demographic data. You’re taking your marketing approach a notch higher if you target the keywords in your content.

Your content will appear in multiple search queries and your keywords will allow you to connect more easily with your audience even for other topics of their interest. Your content will be of more value to your audience. Eventually, this will give you more conversions.

The more valuable and engaging your content is to readers the better rankings your web pages will enjoy.

3. High Quality Content Means Social validation

What does that mean?

It must help those searching on the web solve their problems. The content should provide useful information to your audience. Help them address their pain points. It should provide expertise, consultation or guidance. At least they should be able to find what they are looking for in your content.

If they do, they will engage with your content. They will likely share with others through social media and networking sites.

Search engines will take this as Social Validation and rank you higher than your competitor whose content isn’t engaging.

4. Quality Content Creates Healthy Back Links

If you have written quality and compelling content, readers will find it easier to be associated with you. That is normal, isn’t it? Everyone likes to be associated with good stuff. Right?

Algorithms that Google employs, use this Healthy Back Links to rank your web pages up the ladder.

5. Google Loves Optimized Variable Content

When you write quality content and use optimized images, informative, high-quality Videos then your content will be ranked highly by Google. It uses different algorithms to rank your content.

Google Video will rank your uploaded Videos and Google Images will rank your Images.

Your great content, enhanced keywords & search terms used in your content will make Google rank your web page highly.

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